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    Frequently Asked Questions About Crystals For Depression

    My fascination with crystals was insane. Every time one glimmering stone catches my eye, I immediately went on buying all of them. I have a huge crystal collection that I often share with friends and family. I used to spend a lot, especially on the rare ones I find. But what makes me love these shining, shimmering crystals? Well, let me walk you through the reasons.

    I started getting interested in crystals back when I was in Hong Kong two years ago. I went to this small town’s marketplace, where gems and stones are everywhere. Sellers are just placing it on the streets, and it was something that is pretty much common for them. It was fun to look around and all that. I continued taking pictures of the area and appreciating the beauty of that cute little market in town. But suddenly, I heard a foreigner approached a vendor and said: “I want this one for my anxiety.” As I walked towards them, I noticed the old lady picking up a purple crystal. “Here you go,” she said.

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    I got curious, so I leaned forward and asked the foreigner what is in his hand. “It is an amethyst,” he replied. “A healing crystals that help with anxiety,” he continued while showing me the crystal. I got confused as to how a gemstone can get rid of mental health. As I went home, I wondered too much about it. Seriously, I was a bit interested but kind of hesitant to believe that a small-sized gem can make a difference in my mental and emotional state.

    Then after a few hours, I started researching for crystals’ benefits on the internet. Then to my surprise, I just found out that it was a popular thing back in history. There are tons of crystals with their specific emotional and mental health advantage. It does not take long before I got hooked with it the idea of using it. From then on, I started collecting some and daily using it for my mental and emotional health improvement.

    Of course, I am not telling you this, so you should also spend thousands of cash for rare crystals to use for your overall health benefits. If you feel a little interested in the topic, here are some of the few important details from the frequently asked questions on what you should know about crystals.

    What crystal is good for depression?

    Rose quartz is particularly positive if your mood is love-related as it helps in mending a broken heart. Most people used it to find a great chance at opening their eyes to certain ways to start healing their minds, bodies, and spirits. Rose quartz is a popular crystal that helps with sadness because it promotes self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-care. But its properties are not limited to that, for it can also aid certain symptoms of depression and anxiety. It provides individuals with a sense of connection, comfort, and healing.

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     Which gemstone is good for mental health?

    Turquoise is a blue crystal that contains powers that are said to help heal the body, mind, and soul. People consider it a good luck charm that balances the individual’s emotions while looking for spiritual groundings. This gemstone enhances people’s spirituality by opening their heart and clearing your thoughts. It is a gemstone with the specific purpose of promoting calm, balance, and peace affected by emotional wounds and emotional stress. It can give the overall wellness a self a sense of rest, making it perfect for anxiety and depression symptoms.

     What crystals make you happy?

    Crystals are popular even in ancient times. That is because it helps with a wide range of health problems, including anxiety and depression. Gemstones that you can acknowledge adding to your life to achieve greater health and happiness are Rose Quartz. It helps in cultivating self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-care. Moonstone, for it, promotes clarity of vision. Citrine help improves self-esteem, strengthens positive energy, and promotes physical endurance. Black Tourmaline, for it, has a reliable ability to absorb negative energy. Consider bloodstone as well to help with realigning and cleansing chakras within the heart. Try Blue Lapis or also known as Lapis Lazuli, to quickly releases stress and bring deep peace. Lastly, there are Moonstones that help cultivates compassion and empathy.

     What crystal should I use for anxiety?

    Crystals are effective aura cleansers that help during meditation. These gemstone work differently as it helps you fall into a state of peace and serenity. Some of the crystals you can use for anxiety are Smokey quartz, agate, shungite black tourmaline, Celestite, Amethyst, red jasper, and haematite. These are all good options to meditate with to help ease symptoms of anxiety.

     What are good self-love crystals?

    All crystals have their unique properties, but they focus only on one thing – promote the flow of good energy that is beneficial to your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The best crystals you can consider for self-love are Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Carnelian, Amethyst, Rhodonite, Amazonite, and Rhodochrosite.

     What stone protects from sickness?

     In the physical aspects, clear crystals claim to bring stimulation and balance to the entire body and its immune system. It helps to bring sicknesses out of the body and revitalize, re-energize, and alleviate pain. However, some gemstones deal with health issues. These include Citrine, Aquamarine, Amber, Pearl, Moonstone, Garnet, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz.

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    I understand that the idea of using crystals to reduce your mental health issue is somewhat uninteresting or not that convincing. But I tell you, the healing benefits of crystals are amazing. There is so much these gems can provide to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It reacts to your mind and body’s positive energy that supports the alleviation of stress and other health problems. Of course, you don’t need to gather all of them to prove a point. You also need to remember that these crystals take time to work. Besides, there is no harm in trying it.


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    Frequently Asked Question About The Benefits Of Essential Oils For Anxiety

    There are a lot of ways that a person can reduce stress and anxiety. There’s meditation, deep breathing, regular exercise, enough sleep, proper hydration, and so on. Though most of these techniques guarantee the best solutions, there are still instances that an individual feels comfortable working with other options. That option includes using essential oils for stress relief.

    People can agree that essential oils provide a lot of benefits. Even in ancient times, essential oils serve as a stress reliever as it promises to provide better sleep and a relaxed mind and body. And even today, essential oils continue to grant therapeutic effects that guarantee to stimulate brain function, blood circulation and reduce internal and external pain.

    Learn more about the benefits of essential oils through these frequently asked questions.

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    What is the best essential oil for anxiety? 

    The best essential oil for anxiety is Lavender, Rose, Neroli, Clary sage, Chamomile, Bergamot orange, and Ylang-ylang.

    But remember. These essential oils might be promising, but some people’s stress and mental health issues can be in the worse condition that these oils might not work. Thus, it is better to consult a mental health specialist for other alternatives such as therapy and medication.

     How do you use essential oils for anxiety? 

    Essential oils are commonly used in massage therapy. It soothes and relaxes the body. You can also use it in a diluted form where essential oils could be used as part of your bath. You can use essential oils as aromatherapy in your home, where you can put them in a diffuser. For portable use, you can put a few drops of essential oil on a tissue or aromatherapy bracelet or necklace so you can keep in your pocket and carry it wherever you go.

     Does Tea Tree oil calm anxiety? 

    Tea tree oil or also known as melaleuca oil is recognized for its aromatherapy property. It has a soothing effect on the body and mind. It is a couple of natural remedies that help people with chronic stress, anxiety, and even insomnia.

    Aside from that, the medicinal herb is useful in fighting an athlete’s foot, acne, nail fungus, lice, and insect bites due to its antibacterial content. So aside from its calming effects, it is also beneficial for skin remedies.

     Is peppermint oil good for anxiety? 

    Studies show that inhalation of peppermint essence had a significant result in the decrease of anxiety and fatigue in most patients with chronic health issues. Peppermint aromatherapy can soothe anxiety due to its calming and relaxing properties. Studies also discover peppermint to have lasting benefits to increased alertness and cognitive performance.

    Peppermint also serves as an effective remedy for a number of conditions, including menstrual pains, muscle and nerve pain, diarrhea, nausea, indigestion, the common cold, and IBS.

     Does peppermint calm you down? 

    Peppermint is a well-liked traditional remedy for numerous health conditions. It is thought to have calming effects that address anxiety, stress, agitation, and even depression. In some cases, peppermint is used to treat diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, menstrual pains, nausea, common cold, muscle and nerve pain, indigestion, and IBS.

     What scents calm you down? 

    The best scents that can calm you in any stressful situation are Lavender, Ylang-ylang, Grassy notes, Lemon, Rosemary, and Sea breeze.

     What is the most calming fragrance? 

    Lavender is the most widely researched fragrance that never fails to provide many overall health benefits. There are tons of research and studies that confirm its soothing, calming, and sedative effects that reduce stress and anxiety.

     What scent helps with anxiety? 

    Essential oil scents you can regularly use to relieve your symptoms of anxiety include Sweet basil, Holy basil, Jasmine, Bergamot, Valerian, Jatamansi, Lavender, and Chamomile.

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     Where do you put lavender oil for anxiety? 

    Once put in a carrier or a piece of small container, the lavender essential oil can be applied directly and massaged into your skin whenever you want. You can also add it to your bath by adding two drops of lavender to ½ tsp of coconut oil in a tub full of water. A few drops of lavender essential oil onto a tissue or cloth can also provide you with aromatherapy benefits when you use it as an inhaler. You can add the oil to an aromatherapy vaporizer or diffuser for more convenient home use as well.

     What helps anxiety naturally? 

    You can naturally reduce your anxiety by staying physically active, getting enough sleep, ditching caffeine and alcohol, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, practicing deep breathing, and meditating. To ensure that you are doing the best to consult a medical health professional before incorporating a drastic change in your lifestyle.

     Can a hot shower help with anxiety? 

    Fortunately, yes. A hot shower provides warmth to your body that calms you physically, emotionally, and mentally. The best way to have the most relaxing hot shower is by getting the right temperature, using some dips essential oils, while enjoying some soothing music.

     What to drink to calm nerves? 

    Some of the favorite calming drinks you can try are Valerian Root Tea, Peppermint Tea, Kava Tea, and warm milk.

     What foods trigger anxiety? 

    Some types of foods or food additives can cause unlikable reactions to physical, emotional, and mental aspects. That explains why when you eat lots of fried food, high-fat dairy products, processed meat, candy, pastries, and refined cereals, you are more likely to be depressed and anxious.

     What foods to avoid if you have anxiety? 

    The foods you should avoid if you have anxiety are gluten, soda, artificial and refined sugars, processed foods, alcohol, fried foods, and caffeine.

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    Essentials oils are effective in reducing stress and anxiety. But be mindful that some of it might not guarantee to give you the results you need. Thus, you have to find the right one for you. Remember that using it might require a lot of trial and error. But don’t worry, as essential oils are worth exploring.


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    Reiki For Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health


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    Today busy life can make you feel stressed, and this can disturb your physical, emotional, and mental health, which results in mental illness. Hence, it is important to assume an everyday practice that can assist you in reducing the tension and cultivating happiness and peace of mind.

    Reiki can be a great alternative practice. It fosters a spiritual drive that promotes good health and improves one’s quality of life as well. Learning the practice of Reiki every day can encourage your body to attaint physical, spiritual, and mental equilibrium.

    Reiki And How It Works

    Acupuncture, yoga, and other Eastern alternative medicinal systems have been recognized to eliminate energy blockages to help in natural healing methods. Reiki is also a potent spiritual healing system that originated from Japan. It provides healing through touch. It functions to align and stabilize an individual in a subtle and non-invasive method.

    When we talk about life force, it implies energy that engulfs us. It runs through each of us through mediums called meridians, nadis, or chakras. These are referred to as the ‘Ki’ in Japan, Prana in India, and ‘Chi’ in China. This gentle life force supports every cell of the person’s body and helps them function normally. When this life force is disrupted, the person will most probably become fragile and susceptible to illnesses. Negative thoughts, anxieties, and stress could affect the course of this life force, which then leads to the reduced normal functioning of the whole body. Thus, fortifying this life force is vital to make sure that a person’s body is healthy and healing is quick.

    The Reiki healer slowly positions her hands on top or near the patient’s body. The energy that heals then flows from the healer to the patient to feel relief. The energy may function on various levels and dimensions, but more largely, Reiki affects physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental levels.

    Reiki And Your Wellness

    How does Reiki enhance your physical and mental health?

    It Improves Harmony And Equilibrium

    The practice of Reiki has proven to be a powerful tool in regaining your balance physically, mentally, and emotionally, in a way that all the parts of your body are completely functioning harmoniously. When this happens, the body improves its natural capacity to heal.


    Source: mindtreeholisticcounseling.com


    It Destroys Energy Blocks

    Reiki healing encourages you to be aware of the problems causing you to be stressed and anxious. Subsequently, you will know how to eliminate the energy blocks formed because of these problems, bringing you peace and positive thoughts. Through regular Reiki, you learn how to listen to your mind and body and know how to make mindful choices for your good.

    It Helps Your Relax

    The practice of Reiki can be amazingly relaxing and calming, experiencing that leaves an individual refreshed. People suffering from stress can try visiting a Reiki healer and see for themselves how effective Reiki is in releasing anxiety, tension, stress, and other negative feelings and attain peace and wellness.

    It Improves Sleep

    By energizing the body to attain its natural equilibrium and healing, Reiki enables a person to sleep more peacefully and soundly. When your body and mind are balanced and free of negative thoughts, you are sure to have a better sleep. The more you feel relaxed, the more productive you are as well.

    Reiki Alleviates Symptoms Associated With Cancer

    Reiki cannot treat cancer, but it has proven to be very effective in alleviating symptoms linked with cancer, such as fatigue, depression, and pain. Reiki, when administered to cancer patients, is a wonderful way of helping these patients cope with pain and tiredness that are usually results of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Reiki also helps keep them mentally strong in their fight against cancer.

    It Polishes Personal Bonds

    Reiki helps heal and upgrade your relationships by transforming you emotionally. It can enhance your ability to connect with people on a deeper level, thus improving your relationships. It efficiently cleanses you of disturbing feelings, enabling you to appreciate inner peace. You become more relaxed at opening up to others and respond to life more efficiently.

    Source: wellnesswrx.ca

    Reiki Helps Cure Infection And Inflammation

    Reiki is a great remedy for curing infection and inflammation. When you are stressed, you are vulnerable to suffering from various illnesses. Reiki helps reduce stress and strengthens the body’s defenses to fight infection effectively. Additionally, in line with this, the practice of Reiki is vital for women who are pregnant. Reiki is indicated for pregnant women who have infections, joint pain, and stress.

    Reiki Inspires Spiritual Growth

    Regular Reiki sessions encourage self-healing through personal development. It helps establish a connection with a person’s soul and cultivates love, acceptance, and understanding. It also helps people acknowledge themselves for who they are.




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    How To Move On After Losing A Family Member

    My shoulders had been aching for a few weeks. It started during my grandmother’s wake, who I treated as my mother ever since my biological one abandoned me. I was too sad and busy preparing her funeral and burial; I only took short naps while sitting. Hence, I blamed the lousy sleeping position for my pain.

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    After the burial, I tried to get as much rest as I could. I even bought new pillows and changed my bedsheets, thinking that it would help ease my shoulder ache. However, another week passed, and the pain was still there. If I were honest, I would say that it increased a little. But I did not get enough chance to pay attention to it because my boss hailed me back to work soon after that.

    The thing is when the fourth week rolled in and my shoulders were not doing better, I decided to take a day off and booked a session with my favorite masseuse. Spending an entire hour on that massage table paid off since my pain lessened but only a little. I still could not help but wince whenever I tried to put my shoulders back and straighten my spine.

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    A friend at work saw the latter happen once, and I told her what’s wrong with me and what I did to try eliminating the problem. I thought she would recommend another massage session for me, but she gave me her Reiki practitioner’s number. As it turned out, my colleague had been dealing with physical issues, too, and only the energy healer managed to help her.

    Excited with the possibility of walking without feeling like my shoulders were getting pulled by gravity, I scheduled an appointment with the Reiki master.

    What I Learned

    I must come clean at this point and admit that I did not have much faith in Reiki healing initially. I never experienced it before or met anyone who did until my work friend told me about it. So, I was somewhat apprehensive when I entered the healer’s office.

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    Once I got there, though, I found that the Reiki Master, Ana, had an incredibly welcoming and peaceful aura. I felt at ease in her presence even before she spoke to me. And when she did and asked me what I was dealing with, I talked about my shoulder ache without hesitation. But what surprised me was the question: “Did you suffer from a loss in the last few weeks?”

    Of course, the answer was yes. It had not been two months since my grandmother’s passing, and I mentioned that to Ana. She nodded in understanding and explained to me that a person’s body takes longer to heal when their spiritual, psychological, or emotional aspect was not okay. She gave me a single tip before the consultation was over and told me that I should come back for an energy healing session if it did not work.  

    Source: flickr.com

    Allow Yourself To Be Sad

    The first idea I learned from the Reiki master was that I needed to allow myself to be sad. Since it had always been my grandmother and me, I looked after her without asking for anyone’s help. I fixed all the documents required for her burial and tied all the loose ends she left by myself. There was no time for me to grieve.

    Despite that, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it happened because I subconsciously took on all those tasks to avoid having time to remember my deceased grandmother. It did not help my situation when I returned to work early. My boss could have understood me if I asked for a few more days off, but I went back anyway.

    When I left Ana’s office, I drove to the cemetery to visit my grandmother’s grave. It was the first time I did it because I did not want to accept that my grandmother was already gone entirely. But when I saw her name and dates of birth and death engraved on stone, the tears started falling down my cheeks. It took a few minutes before I caught myself sobbing like a baby, but I still did not push myself to stop crying. I let all my emotions out and wept there for God knew how long.

    Source: pxfuel.com

    Did It Work?

    Surprisingly, it did. Once I had no more tears to shed, I dried my face and walked back to the car. I took a deep breath right then and realized the heaviness in my chest already dissipated. What’s more, when I rolled my shoulders, there was not as much pain as before. I did not know how it was possible, but the Reiki master was spot-on about the real problem behind my aching shoulders.

    I did the Reiki healing session the following week to thank Ana and in hopes of getting rid of all my issues. I feel positive that it can happen with a master’s help.

    On the other hand, I also tried online therapy through the BetterHelp app. Their therapists are experienced and knowledgeable in mental health issues, including how to manage grief and coming out stronger after the challenges. This site has also been really helpful in guiding me through the process of signing up. All in all, I had help and now I am better at life.


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    Keeping Your Energy Protected During COVID-19



    Source: pxfuel.com

    Maintaining a positive outlook during a negative situation is vital, particularly for business owners. These days, the coronavirus has taken over the world so suddenly and quickly that in three months, it has become one of the most debilitating pandemics that we have ever experienced. Most of the countries were placed under quarantine, and shelter-in-place guidelines and still more states have closed their borders at least ten at a time. This encompasses small companies that have felt the consequences of this recent outbreak.

    Nevertheless, with the advent of digital technology, a lot of business owners have exchanged positive messages pushing others to keep their hopes and heads up. It has instilled a feeling of community and openness. Some of these business owners have shared what they learned from each other – how empowering themselves to thrive has given them the confidence, persistence, and encouragement that they need to move forward. Below we have put together some mindfulness strategies for business owners to be able to move past the trauma and negativity and continue the positivity amidst COVID-19.

    Begin With Positive Affirmations. You might have been feeling down for the past couple of days due to the major life changes happening to you, but be aware of how you let yourself evaluate the situation. Rather than walking up and always holding on to that bitter and depressing feeling, talk some hope into yourself. “This is not the end of the world. It is just one of the many changes that life always brings me. I will find better ways to improve my business and adjust it to the times. I will survive.”

    This is also a good time to take advantage of social media. If you’ve been following known entrepreneurs and successful business owners, then turn to their posts for reassurance and strength. They’re probably feeling you too, but maybe they’ve got innovative ideas that can help you keep the business going.


    Source: pxfuel.com

    Find Time To Exercise. There are too many benefits of exercise that are so life-saving, so there should be no reason for you not to. It boosts mood, empowers the brain, promotes good mental health, lowers stress levels, and improves sleep. Remember that exercise have differing energy levels too and can range from simple to intense. It’s impossible to work out in a gym at this time. But not to worry – there are plenty of workout regimens you can follow on the web.

    Limit Your News Intake. Watching and listening to too much negative news can take a toll on your body and mind. It affects your emotions, which can lead to a lowered immune system and mental health illness if not remedied. The best way to prevent all these from happening is to restrict yourself from watching too much news on television. Also, learn to choose the shows that you watch, aiming for those that can do more good than harm. Maybe spend an hour or two watching a business show where you can be inspired by fresh ideas and insights and perhaps great opportunities.

    Seek Help And Support. Just because you are not able to have gatherings and other forms of socialization doesn’t mean that you have lost your relationships. You can always keep in touch with them through messaging, calling, and video conferencing. Don’t suppress your negative emotions. If you’re having a bad day, call your close friend, your sister, or a significant other. Vent it out and then maybe ask how he or she is. This way, you can also forget about how you’re feeling.


    Source: pexels.com


    Just Breathe. Often, the best way to overcome life’s challenges is to drop everything, take a step back, and just breathe. Of course, you’ll have to acknowledge that this is not one of those moments worth cherishing, but just the mere fact that you are breathing and living is worth the optimism. So focus on what’s good in the world right now, like family, friends, and an opportunity to save your business because others are thriving, and so why not yours? Once this pandemic passes, your positive affirmations will have all been worth it.





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    Calm In The Midst Of Panic Through Reiki

    Wellness, Massage, Reiki

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    Currently, almost 400,000 people in nearly 200 countries and regions have been contaminated with the virus, and about 16,000 recorded dead. WHO has considered coronavirus a pandemic. The outbreak of the virus began in China, and it had the most abundant cases reported. Apparently, health sources have declared China to be ruled out from the epidemic, and the rates of affected people are decreasing. On the other hand, the virus is quickly making its way to all other countries in the world, which is why it has been considered as a pandemic. People must remain vigilant and practice the guidelines provided by their country.

    Indeed, the COVID-19 outbreak is undeniably one of the most devastating concerns of the global society right now. Reiki healers around the world have often wondered whether there is still a place or time to practice Reiki. They finally decided that, yes, Reiki can be an essential tool in today’s preventative healthcare system, especially in this time of panic and desperation.

    blonde haired woman holding cup while lying on bed, young woman, HD wallpaper

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    As of today, there is no known treatment available to cure the coronavirus disease – no vaccine or medication confirmed to treat it. Medicine for individuals infected with COVID-19 involves giving medication to alleviate or eliminate the symptoms and anticipated complications that have resulted from a person’s weakened immune system. Complete healing from the virus ultimately depends on the body’s immune system. And this is where the practice of Reiki can help.

    Boosting The Immune System

    There are several documented research and evidence that the practice of  Reiki primarily supported an individual’s immune system through its self-healing capacities. This has been presented in trials conducted with different conditions, even including cancer. And while Reiki healers do not directly affirm that they can cure COVID-19, it can most certainly help build one’s strength and resistance to various infections.

    Achieving Calm Amid Panic

    Several more challenges have been placed on people along with the pandemic, including stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. A Reiki healer tells his story about someone he had witnessed in the middle of a traffic jam one day. He just went in and out of a supermarket like he had to buy what he could put his hands on. Certainly, this was only one of the many instances of panic buying and last-minute runs happening across the globe.

    woman, back, massage, wellness, relax, relaxing, spa, women, adult, relaxation, lying down, spa treatment, young adult, wellbeing, human body part, indoors, beauty, comfortable, health spa, healthy lifestyle, two people, lifestyles, massaging, people, body care, eyes closed, beautiful woman, luxury, hand, 4K, CC0, public domain, royalty free

    Source: piqsels.com

    The practice of Reiki has been well-accepted as having tremendous positive effects on anxiety and stress to people suffering from them. Reiki healers are also acknowledged to be great teachers of self-healing that can help people cope with the challenges that the recent situation brings them.

    How Reiki Healing Is Done

    Reiki healing is done through non-invasive and light touch where the practitioner’s hands are positioned and held on specific areas on the head, chest, stomach, and back of the upper body. The position of the hands should not be in any way intruding or unbecoming, and there should never be any pressure felt by the recipient. Most often, there is no direct contact involved between the practitioner and the recipient. Reiki healers also administer their practice as suggested by the Ministry of Health in place of the COVID-19.

    Devastating Times

    It is in these catastrophic times that we are all encouraged to open our hearts and minds and to try alternative ways of healing ourselves and to even re-assess the way we comprehend the principles of healing.

    File:Tsurugaokahachimanguu Great Kanto earthquake of 1923.jpg

    Source: commons.wikimedia.org

    When Sensei Usui discovered and began his practice of Reiki, the country of Japan experienced a massive earthquake – the Kanto earthquake, which happened in September 1923. This led to thousands of people dying, about 100,000, and a lot more who were displaced and injured. This situation encouraged Usui to speed up the training of more Reiki healers as many more people have come to accept the healing power of Reiki.




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    Perks Of Working With A Reiki Master

    I got to attend the 2017 Reiki Conference due to work. You see, one of my previous sidelines is being a part-time assistant to a Reiki Master in Florida. It was one of my most unforgettable experiences, mainly because I had always been fascinated by a higher level of the healing process.

    Source: rawpixel.com

    Assuming you haven’t heard of it before, Reiki is the practice of transferring universal energy through the master to the person who needs it. A client won’t need to spend hours doing it every day; it is only when the issue is severe that the healer will require multiple sessions.

    I saw in that event how popular Reiki was in public. There were more believers and enthusiasts in the crowd than real masters. All of them were either trying to get a mentor or finding someone who could cure them. At that moment, I thought of the privileges that I had while working with a Reiki master.

    Quicker Access To A Healer
    Being in one place with a person who can heal living things through energy transference is incredible. That is especially true if you don’t feel well, and there are not many clients on that day. The master will undoubtedly try to help you heal without requiring you to get an appointment.

    Work In A Zen Environment
    A Reiki facility is one of the most peaceful workplaces. Even if it is in the heart of a city, the walls are soundproof, so the outside noise gets canceled. All you can hear is tantric music or the sound of nature playing through the speakers.

    Source: rawpixel.com

    Meditation Sessions
    Lastly, Reiki masters love to meditate at least a couple of times a day. Sometimes, they do it alone; other times, they ask the entire staff to join. It then becomes a guided meditation, which always leaves me feeling calm and at ease.

    Final Thoughts
    Like any alternative medicine, there is no guarantee that you will heal 100% through energy healing. However, the individuals who have recovered due to Reiki can attest to its usefulness.
    Why don’t you try Reiki, too?

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    How To Find The Right Therapist For You

    Have you decided to go through therapy because of the challenges that you encountered in your life? Are you excited to feel better about your situation? Do you want to learn about the best life lessons so that you can forget all the pain in your life? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you have to consider searching for the best therapist in town.

    “The benefits of therapy are vast, including having an objective perspective on happenings in your life, a sounding board for you to talk through options before taking action, a place where you can deepen self-awareness, access resources to support your growth and personal development, and much more.” Robin D. Stone, LMHC said.

    “Therapy doesn’t need to be an arduous never-ending process; however, the length of therapy depends on many factors,” says Nathaniel Cilley, LMHC. Keep in mind that finding the right mental health professional is like having a chance to mine a treasure. You will be surprised by all the benefits that you can get out of therapy sessions. However, all these will only be available to you if the other person to whom you are confiding is an expert therapist. In today’s article, we will be providing you with some tips and tricks to remember searching for the ideal professional to help you get past traumatic experiences or overcome a disorder.

    Source: pexels.com

    Use The Internet


    With the availability of the latest advancements in the field of technology, it has become easier and more convenient for any person to find relevant information online. All you have to do is to use a search engine to start looking for the therapists near you. Most of these professionals have their websites. Make sure to check the pages of the site so that you will have an idea of what they are offering to the public. Always take note that you also have to consider reading the comments and feedback section. As much as possible, verify the sources of what you are reading first before you will believe it. But always put in mind that “Online care is not for every patient or practitioner. Clients with more serious mental illnesses or addictions likely need more treatment than digital therapy can provide. And some clinicians may find certain telehealth modalities difficult,” says clinical psychologist Nina Barlevy, PsyD.

    Source: pexels.com

    Ask Around


    Another thing that you must consider is to find time to make an inquiry from friends and loved ones. Keep in mind that lots of people in your life who have also gone through therapy. What you must do is to connect with these individuals. Do not hesitate to ask an inquiry or recommendations of therapists from them. However, you must be careful when it comes to conversing with them. Be sure to use the right words and correct gestures so that you can avoid offending them.


    Read The Local News


    Are you aware that there are many therapists who get featured on the news every single day? These are the persons who have written interesting articles in newspapers. At the same time, they are the ones who have been recognized because of their exemplary work. If you want to find out who are the top therapists in your community, all you have to do is to grab a copy of the local news. Keep yourself informed about the services of these therapists. Feel free to contact one whom you think would be ideal for helping you deal with your mental health issue.


    What are you waiting for now? Start the search now for the best therapist to handle your situation. You can get this done as long as you have the presence of mind.

    If you have decided to give online therapy a try, reach out to one of the credible and experienced counselors from BetterHelp. These counselors are trained to specialize in various mental health issues so you’ll get matched with someone who is more capable of discussing your mental health problem and guiding you towards becoming a better version of yourself mentally and emotionally. Check out the app today!



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    4 Kinds Of People To Avoid

    If there is one great thing that you have to understand at this point, it is the fact that the quality of people you have in your life will determine the status of your mental health. Because of this, you must be careful in choosing the kind of individuals whom you will connect with daily. Take note that your relationships with these people can have a positive or adverse effect on you. For this reason, you must become smart in searching for the right friends.


    For today’s post, we are going to provide you with a list of people that you must avoid at all costs. Remind yourself that once you make this happen, there is a good chance that you will achieve happiness and peace of mind. The process of eliminating people from your life can be difficult in the beginning. However, once you get the hang of it, everything becomes a lot easier. Here are the things that you must remember:

    Source: pexels.com

    The Negative Talker


    “When trying to keep a positive attitude, you must avoid people who thrive on negativity.” That is according to Fran Walfish, PsyD. You do not need to be with someone who has too much negativity in his life. He is the kind of person who is always pessimistic about something. It seems that many wrong things are happening in this person’s life. He does not know how to appreciate what he has to the point that all he can think about is inflicting negativity to those surrounding him.

    Source: maxpixel.net

    The Number One Complainant


    There will always be a person in your life who has too many complaints about anything. He is the individual who is never pleased with what he has in his life. The more you spend time with this person, the more you acquire his negative trait. Without you knowing it, you may become a complainant too. As such, be sure to avoid the said person once you notice that there is something wrong.

    The Ungrateful One


    At the same time, you also have to stop being friends with people who only keep on asking your favors without saying thank you. Find out who among your friends are only available whenever he needs something from you. Once you know who that individual is, the next step is to cut your ties. Make the other person understand your choice so that he can accept the situation easily. “You have to get really clear with yourself first about what’s motivating you when you agree to do someone else a favor.” As Erika Martinez, PsyD used to say.

    Source: pixabay.com


    The Hard Critic


    Another person to avoid is the hard critic, who is someone who never sees anything good in you. This is the kind of person who keeps on telling you what is wrong in your life. Take note that while you need honest friends to keep you guarded at all times, you must also look for someone who knows how to respect your boundaries. If the other person keeps on criticizing you without being careful with his words, take it as a sign to walk away. “We only have control of ourselves and our own desire for growth and change. Part of that growth and change is deciding the type of person we allow in our lives, and the positive impact they can have on us.” A reminder from Nikki Martinez, Psy.D. LCPC.


    Avoiding certain people in your life can become complicated in the early process. However, you have to be strong enough to fight the urges to be around tons of friends who are not ideal for you.



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    How To Achieve A Happier You

    There are many things that you have to remember when it comes to becoming happy. Take note that happiness does not come knocking on your door when you are on your lowest self. It will come when you know how to value yourself and those surrounding you. It is a lot easier to achieve happiness as long as you have what it takes to remain positive despite the trials that are coming in your life.

    For today’s article, we are going to provide you with some tips on how you can become happier in this life. Before anything else, we want to say or emphasize that we know that there are tons of challenges that you may encounter in life. These personal struggles and issues can prevent you from having a positive outlook. At the same time, they will also make you think of giving up, especially when you have reached your maximum tolerance for stress and anxiety.

    Fortunately, there are many or several ways on how you can resolve this. Make sure that you will familiarize yourself with these effective and practical ways to become happier:

    Source: pexels.com

    Be With The Right People

    Do not underestimate the significance of being with the right people in your life. Keep in mind that they are the ones who can influence your thoughts and actions. If you know how to choose the right individuals to spend your time with, there is a high chance that you can become happier just like them. Because of this, it is best to avoid people who will not do you any good. These are the individuals who have nothing good to say to you or those who keep on making you feel bad. Remember, “Nothing ruins self-esteem like surrounding yourself with people who abuse or neglect you,” says Karen R. Koenig, MEd, LCSW.

    Source: pixabay.com

    Exercise Regularly

    Are you aware that getting physically fit is one of the secrets to becoming happier? If you know how to balance your time between work and getting fit, then your life will become so much better. You will not only get an opportunity to become healthy for the rest of your days. At the same time, it can also make you a positive individual. As such, you can have more chances of inspiring and motivating others too. The nice thing about exercising is that you can do it at the gym or home, depending on your preference.

    Stop Pressuring Yourself

    “The sensation of pressure doesn’t have to be negative—it can be a positive challenge and motivating.” Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D.  said. One of the things that you must also remind yourself is the need to relax and stay calm at all times. Never let anyone or anything pressure you into doing something that you are not comfortable with. At the same time, it is also essential to stop comparing yourself to other people. Take note that their journey is different from yours. Take your time to reach your dreams. It is okay if you are taking it slow at the moment. What truly matters is that you are enjoying the ride.

    Source: maxpixel.net


    Happiness is something that you can achieve. All you must do is to trust yourself in everything that you do. Never doubt yourself and entertain self-limiting thoughts. Happiness is within your reach! Remember, “Happy people make healthier choices,” explains Scott Glassman, PsyD.