Top 5 Rules To A Happy Life

Every person wants to achieve ultimate happiness or pure bliss in his life. No one wants to have a life that is full of sadness, anguish, grief, or negativity. Because of this, several companies have taken advantage of the inner call for happiness by various people around the globe. These firms continue to produce products or offer service that aims to make a particular individual happy. As such, consumerism is on the rise.


However, there are still several individuals who claim that having too many good stuff can still make them still feel empty or sad. The truth is that someone can be happy with or without the material stuff. In this article, we are going to show you the top five rules on how to live a happy life.


Top 1: Be Appreciative

One of the essential concepts that you must never forget is gratitude. Remember that the more thankful you are, the more blessings will come your way. Do not let a good moment pass or a nice person leave without expressing how grateful you are for having them around. Learn to appreciate or take notice of all the good things around you so that you can attract more positive moments in your life. “Learn how to stand up for yourself with compassion for others, deal with stress better, improve your mood, and learn to like yourself.” A reminder from April Lau, LMHC.


Top 2: Exercise Regularly

According to Staci Lee Schnell, MS, CS, LMFT ” Exercising regularly is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Exercise has been shown to improve concentration, motivation, memory, and mood.” Therefore, as much as possible, make exercise a big part of your day. Do not go to the office if you haven’t done a quick workout in the morning. On the other hand, if you prefer to perform physical activities during the late hours of the day, feel free to go to the gym or try home exercise routines. You have the complete freedom to decide today to start living a healthy lifestyle.


Top 3: Avoid Negative People

No matter how much you make an effort to become truly happy, you can still find yourself failing because of having negative people in your life. Remember that these persons can cause turmoil in the way you live your precious life. Because of this, it is best if you will eliminate them. Do not have second thoughts in walking away from worthless relationships or rejecting friendships that only offer you a bad influence. Fran Walfish, PsyD says, “When trying to keep a positive attitude, you must avoid people who thrive on negativity.”


Top 4: Be Open To Others

Stop being aloof or selfish. Reach out to the right people and organizations so that you can learn from their inspiring lives. You can be happy if you let other people in. Otherwise, you will find yourself at the end of the tunnel without any friend to help or assist you. As such, the ideal step to take is to open your heart to those surrounding you. Learn to trust others so that they can trust you too.


Top 5: Do What You Love

Life is indeed short to waste it on things or circumstances that do not make you happy. As such, you must know how to be brave enough to follow your true passion. Do more of what you love. Never let other persons tell you what to do. Go on fantastic adventures with the people you love. Take risks because that is an excellent way of painting a smile on your face. Do not be afraid to discover what is truly in your heart.



Happiness is not something that you can buy in a department store. You have to work hard for it so that you can reach your goals. Remember that just because you feel sad today does not mean that you will stay that way forever. Sometimes, it is okay to go out of your comfort zone and explore the world through a different set of eyes. Be happy because you deserve it.

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