How Reiki May Help With Healing According To The 2014 Louisville Physical Therapy Conference

The 2014 Louisville Physical Therapy Conference was nothing like the other seminars we attended in the past. A commonality in such events, after all, is to invite panelists who can highlight the benefits of massage therapy and various exercises that promote physical healing. Some even hold a demonstration so that the guests can have a first-hand idea of what they are talking about. Nevertheless, during the said conference, the public speakers were not shy to say that Reiki might be an excellent complement for physical therapy as well.

Assuming you have never tried this form of energy therapy before, here are the possible benefits of signing up for a Reiki session.


1. It Can Give You Stress Relief

The first thing that the practice may help you get rid of is stress. After all, the treatment should take place in a very relaxing setting. The practitioner may play instrumental music; you get to choose the aroma that will feel the entire room. Even before the session begins, your stress may already float out of your system.

2. It Is Supposed To Transfer Energy In Your Body

When you receive a Reiki treatment, you can expect the therapist to place their palm on or over your problematic body part to transfer their energy (“chi”) to it. The idea is that you feel pain because you lack energy in that area. Thus, you may feel warmth or a tingling sensation where the practitioner’s palm is, indicating that the chi transference is taking place.


3. It May Speed Up The Healing Process

The result of the two things mentioned above is that you may heal faster than you think. Your energy level goes up as your stress level goes down, you see. It won’t then be impossible for you to feel 100% soon.

Final Thoughts

Reiki is a non-invasive form of therapy that works by transferring energy from one body to another. Though its effectivity is a bit subjective, many people believe that it has helped with their healing process. It’s up to you now to decide whether you’ll book a session with a Reiki practitioner while getting physical therapy or not.

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