4 Kinds Of People To Avoid

If there is one great thing that you have to understand at this point, it is the fact that the quality of people you have in your life will determine the status of your mental health. Because of this, you must be careful in choosing the kind of individuals whom you will connect with daily. Take note that your relationships with these people can have a positive or adverse effect on you. For this reason, you must become smart in searching for the right friends.


For today’s post, we are going to provide you with a list of people that you must avoid at all costs. Remind yourself that once you make this happen, there is a good chance that you will achieve happiness and peace of mind. The process of eliminating people from your life can be difficult in the beginning. However, once you get the hang of it, everything becomes a lot easier. Here are the things that you must remember:

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The Negative Talker


“When trying to keep a positive attitude, you must avoid people who thrive on negativity.” That is according to Fran Walfish, PsyD. You do not need to be with someone who has too much negativity in his life. He is the kind of person who is always pessimistic about something. It seems that many wrong things are happening in this person’s life. He does not know how to appreciate what he has to the point that all he can think about is inflicting negativity to those surrounding him.

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The Number One Complainant


There will always be a person in your life who has too many complaints about anything. He is the individual who is never pleased with what he has in his life. The more you spend time with this person, the more you acquire his negative trait. Without you knowing it, you may become a complainant too. As such, be sure to avoid the said person once you notice that there is something wrong.

The Ungrateful One


At the same time, you also have to stop being friends with people who only keep on asking your favors without saying thank you. Find out who among your friends are only available whenever he needs something from you. Once you know who that individual is, the next step is to cut your ties. Make the other person understand your choice so that he can accept the situation easily. “You have to get really clear with yourself first about what’s motivating you when you agree to do someone else a favor.” As Erika Martinez, PsyD used to say.

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The Hard Critic


Another person to avoid is the hard critic, who is someone who never sees anything good in you. This is the kind of person who keeps on telling you what is wrong in your life. Take note that while you need honest friends to keep you guarded at all times, you must also look for someone who knows how to respect your boundaries. If the other person keeps on criticizing you without being careful with his words, take it as a sign to walk away. “We only have control of ourselves and our own desire for growth and change. Part of that growth and change is deciding the type of person we allow in our lives, and the positive impact they can have on us.” A reminder from Nikki Martinez, Psy.D. LCPC.


Avoiding certain people in your life can become complicated in the early process. However, you have to be strong enough to fight the urges to be around tons of friends who are not ideal for you.



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