Perks Of Working With A Reiki Master

I got to attend the 2017 Reiki Conference due to work. You see, one of my previous sidelines is being a part-time assistant to a Reiki Master in Florida. It was one of my most unforgettable experiences, mainly because I had always been fascinated by a higher level of the healing process.


Assuming you haven’t heard of it before, Reiki is the practice of transferring universal energy through the master to the person who needs it. A client won’t need to spend hours doing it every day; it is only when the issue is severe that the healer will require multiple sessions.

I saw in that event how popular Reiki was in public. There were more believers and enthusiasts in the crowd than real masters. All of them were either trying to get a mentor or finding someone who could cure them. At that moment, I thought of the privileges that I had while working with a Reiki master.

Quicker Access To A Healer
Being in one place with a person who can heal living things through energy transference is incredible. That is especially true if you don’t feel well, and there are not many clients on that day. The master will undoubtedly try to help you heal without requiring you to get an appointment.

Work In A Zen Environment
A Reiki facility is one of the most peaceful workplaces. Even if it is in the heart of a city, the walls are soundproof, so the outside noise gets canceled. All you can hear is tantric music or the sound of nature playing through the speakers.


Meditation Sessions
Lastly, Reiki masters love to meditate at least a couple of times a day. Sometimes, they do it alone; other times, they ask the entire staff to join. It then becomes a guided meditation, which always leaves me feeling calm and at ease.

Final Thoughts
Like any alternative medicine, there is no guarantee that you will heal 100% through energy healing. However, the individuals who have recovered due to Reiki can attest to its usefulness.
Why don’t you try Reiki, too?

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