Calm In The Midst Of Panic Through Reiki

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Currently, almost 400,000 people in nearly 200 countries and regions have been contaminated with the virus, and about 16,000 recorded dead. WHO has considered coronavirus a pandemic. The outbreak of the virus began in China, and it had the most abundant cases reported. Apparently, health sources have declared China to be ruled out from the epidemic, and the rates of affected people are decreasing. On the other hand, the virus is quickly making its way to all other countries in the world, which is why it has been considered as a pandemic. People must remain vigilant and practice the guidelines provided by their country.

Indeed, the COVID-19 outbreak is undeniably one of the most devastating concerns of the global society right now. Reiki healers around the world have often wondered whether there is still a place or time to practice Reiki. They finally decided that, yes, Reiki can be an essential tool in today’s preventative healthcare system, especially in this time of panic and desperation.

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As of today, there is no known treatment available to cure the coronavirus disease – no vaccine or medication confirmed to treat it. Medicine for individuals infected with COVID-19 involves giving medication to alleviate or eliminate the symptoms and anticipated complications that have resulted from a person’s weakened immune system. Complete healing from the virus ultimately depends on the body’s immune system. And this is where the practice of Reiki can help.

Boosting The Immune System

There are several documented research and evidence that the practice of  Reiki primarily supported an individual’s immune system through its self-healing capacities. This has been presented in trials conducted with different conditions, even including cancer. And while Reiki healers do not directly affirm that they can cure COVID-19, it can most certainly help build one’s strength and resistance to various infections.

Achieving Calm Amid Panic

Several more challenges have been placed on people along with the pandemic, including stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. A Reiki healer tells his story about someone he had witnessed in the middle of a traffic jam one day. He just went in and out of a supermarket like he had to buy what he could put his hands on. Certainly, this was only one of the many instances of panic buying and last-minute runs happening across the globe.

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The practice of Reiki has been well-accepted as having tremendous positive effects on anxiety and stress to people suffering from them. Reiki healers are also acknowledged to be great teachers of self-healing that can help people cope with the challenges that the recent situation brings them.

How Reiki Healing Is Done

Reiki healing is done through non-invasive and light touch where the practitioner’s hands are positioned and held on specific areas on the head, chest, stomach, and back of the upper body. The position of the hands should not be in any way intruding or unbecoming, and there should never be any pressure felt by the recipient. Most often, there is no direct contact involved between the practitioner and the recipient. Reiki healers also administer their practice as suggested by the Ministry of Health in place of the COVID-19.

Devastating Times

It is in these catastrophic times that we are all encouraged to open our hearts and minds and to try alternative ways of healing ourselves and to even re-assess the way we comprehend the principles of healing.

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When Sensei Usui discovered and began his practice of Reiki, the country of Japan experienced a massive earthquake – the Kanto earthquake, which happened in September 1923. This led to thousands of people dying, about 100,000, and a lot more who were displaced and injured. This situation encouraged Usui to speed up the training of more Reiki healers as many more people have come to accept the healing power of Reiki.




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