Keeping Your Energy Protected During COVID-19




Maintaining a positive outlook during a negative situation is vital, particularly for business owners. These days, the coronavirus has taken over the world so suddenly and quickly that in three months, it has become one of the most debilitating pandemics that we have ever experienced. Most of the countries were placed under quarantine, and shelter-in-place guidelines and still more states have closed their borders at least ten at a time. This encompasses small companies that have felt the consequences of this recent outbreak.

Nevertheless, with the advent of digital technology, a lot of business owners have exchanged positive messages pushing others to keep their hopes and heads up. It has instilled a feeling of community and openness. Some of these business owners have shared what they learned from each other – how empowering themselves to thrive has given them the confidence, persistence, and encouragement that they need to move forward. Below we have put together some mindfulness strategies for business owners to be able to move past the trauma and negativity and continue the positivity amidst COVID-19.

Begin With Positive Affirmations. You might have been feeling down for the past couple of days due to the major life changes happening to you, but be aware of how you let yourself evaluate the situation. Rather than walking up and always holding on to that bitter and depressing feeling, talk some hope into yourself. “This is not the end of the world. It is just one of the many changes that life always brings me. I will find better ways to improve my business and adjust it to the times. I will survive.”

This is also a good time to take advantage of social media. If you’ve been following known entrepreneurs and successful business owners, then turn to their posts for reassurance and strength. They’re probably feeling you too, but maybe they’ve got innovative ideas that can help you keep the business going.



Find Time To Exercise. There are too many benefits of exercise that are so life-saving, so there should be no reason for you not to. It boosts mood, empowers the brain, promotes good mental health, lowers stress levels, and improves sleep. Remember that exercise have differing energy levels too and can range from simple to intense. It’s impossible to work out in a gym at this time. But not to worry – there are plenty of workout regimens you can follow on the web.

Limit Your News Intake. Watching and listening to too much negative news can take a toll on your body and mind. It affects your emotions, which can lead to a lowered immune system and mental health illness if not remedied. The best way to prevent all these from happening is to restrict yourself from watching too much news on television. Also, learn to choose the shows that you watch, aiming for those that can do more good than harm. Maybe spend an hour or two watching a business show where you can be inspired by fresh ideas and insights and perhaps great opportunities.

Seek Help And Support. Just because you are not able to have gatherings and other forms of socialization doesn’t mean that you have lost your relationships. You can always keep in touch with them through messaging, calling, and video conferencing. Don’t suppress your negative emotions. If you’re having a bad day, call your close friend, your sister, or a significant other. Vent it out and then maybe ask how he or she is. This way, you can also forget about how you’re feeling.




Just Breathe. Often, the best way to overcome life’s challenges is to drop everything, take a step back, and just breathe. Of course, you’ll have to acknowledge that this is not one of those moments worth cherishing, but just the mere fact that you are breathing and living is worth the optimism. So focus on what’s good in the world right now, like family, friends, and an opportunity to save your business because others are thriving, and so why not yours? Once this pandemic passes, your positive affirmations will have all been worth it.





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