Frequently Asked Questions About Crystals For Depression

My fascination with crystals was insane. Every time one glimmering stone catches my eye, I immediately went on buying all of them. I have a huge crystal collection that I often share with friends and family. I used to spend a lot, especially on the rare ones I find. But what makes me love these shining, shimmering crystals? Well, let me walk you through the reasons.

I started getting interested in crystals back when I was in Hong Kong two years ago. I went to this small town’s marketplace, where gems and stones are everywhere. Sellers are just placing it on the streets, and it was something that is pretty much common for them. It was fun to look around and all that. I continued taking pictures of the area and appreciating the beauty of that cute little market in town. But suddenly, I heard a foreigner approached a vendor and said: “I want this one for my anxiety.” As I walked towards them, I noticed the old lady picking up a purple crystal. “Here you go,” she said.


I got curious, so I leaned forward and asked the foreigner what is in his hand. “It is an amethyst,” he replied. “A healing crystals that help with anxiety,” he continued while showing me the crystal. I got confused as to how a gemstone can get rid of mental health. As I went home, I wondered too much about it. Seriously, I was a bit interested but kind of hesitant to believe that a small-sized gem can make a difference in my mental and emotional state.

Then after a few hours, I started researching for crystals’ benefits on the internet. Then to my surprise, I just found out that it was a popular thing back in history. There are tons of crystals with their specific emotional and mental health advantage. It does not take long before I got hooked with it the idea of using it. From then on, I started collecting some and daily using it for my mental and emotional health improvement.

Of course, I am not telling you this, so you should also spend thousands of cash for rare crystals to use for your overall health benefits. If you feel a little interested in the topic, here are some of the few important details from the frequently asked questions on what you should know about crystals.

What crystal is good for depression?

Rose quartz is particularly positive if your mood is love-related as it helps in mending a broken heart. Most people used it to find a great chance at opening their eyes to certain ways to start healing their minds, bodies, and spirits. Rose quartz is a popular crystal that helps with sadness because it promotes self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-care. But its properties are not limited to that, for it can also aid certain symptoms of depression and anxiety. It provides individuals with a sense of connection, comfort, and healing.


 Which gemstone is good for mental health?

Turquoise is a blue crystal that contains powers that are said to help heal the body, mind, and soul. People consider it a good luck charm that balances the individual’s emotions while looking for spiritual groundings. This gemstone enhances people’s spirituality by opening their heart and clearing your thoughts. It is a gemstone with the specific purpose of promoting calm, balance, and peace affected by emotional wounds and emotional stress. It can give the overall wellness a self a sense of rest, making it perfect for anxiety and depression symptoms.

 What crystals make you happy?

Crystals are popular even in ancient times. That is because it helps with a wide range of health problems, including anxiety and depression. Gemstones that you can acknowledge adding to your life to achieve greater health and happiness are Rose Quartz. It helps in cultivating self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-care. Moonstone, for it, promotes clarity of vision. Citrine help improves self-esteem, strengthens positive energy, and promotes physical endurance. Black Tourmaline, for it, has a reliable ability to absorb negative energy. Consider bloodstone as well to help with realigning and cleansing chakras within the heart. Try Blue Lapis or also known as Lapis Lazuli, to quickly releases stress and bring deep peace. Lastly, there are Moonstones that help cultivates compassion and empathy.

 What crystal should I use for anxiety?

Crystals are effective aura cleansers that help during meditation. These gemstone work differently as it helps you fall into a state of peace and serenity. Some of the crystals you can use for anxiety are Smokey quartz, agate, shungite black tourmaline, Celestite, Amethyst, red jasper, and haematite. These are all good options to meditate with to help ease symptoms of anxiety.

 What are good self-love crystals?

All crystals have their unique properties, but they focus only on one thing – promote the flow of good energy that is beneficial to your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The best crystals you can consider for self-love are Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Carnelian, Amethyst, Rhodonite, Amazonite, and Rhodochrosite.

 What stone protects from sickness?

 In the physical aspects, clear crystals claim to bring stimulation and balance to the entire body and its immune system. It helps to bring sicknesses out of the body and revitalize, re-energize, and alleviate pain. However, some gemstones deal with health issues. These include Citrine, Aquamarine, Amber, Pearl, Moonstone, Garnet, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz.



I understand that the idea of using crystals to reduce your mental health issue is somewhat uninteresting or not that convincing. But I tell you, the healing benefits of crystals are amazing. There is so much these gems can provide to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It reacts to your mind and body’s positive energy that supports the alleviation of stress and other health problems. Of course, you don’t need to gather all of them to prove a point. You also need to remember that these crystals take time to work. Besides, there is no harm in trying it.


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